Youth Drawing Competition Starts
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NJ 2014 Youth Drawing Competition Starts

NJ 2014 Youth Drawing Competition Starts

NJ 2014 Youth Drawing Competition Starts

“Join the YOG, Embrace the Future” - Nanjing 2014 International Youth Drawing Competition Kicked Off

At 10:00 AM on 1 December “Join the YOG, Embrace the Future” - Nanjing 2014 International Youth Drawing Competition, sponsored by the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (NYOGOC) and organised by the Culture and Education Department of NYOGOC and the People’s Government of Suining County, officially kicked off at the gymnasium of Nanjing No. 12 Middle School. More than 600 people, including Xu, Chuande, NYOGOC Deputy Secretary General; Xu Long, Vice President of the Jiangsu People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; Li Yan, Vice Mayor of Xuzhou; leaders of relevant departments and divisions of NYOGOC; officials of the People’s Government of Xiaguan District in Nanjing, Education Bureau of Xiaguan District in Nanjing and Nanjing No. 12 Middle School; officials and young students from Suining County; journalists as well as people from all walks of life, were present at the launching ceremony of the event.

Along with the melody of theme music “Youth” of Nanjing 2014, the launching ceremony was set in motion. Gong Weifang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Suining County Committee and Magistrate of the People’s Government of Suining, delivered a speech on behalf of the organiser - People’s Government of Suining. The youth representatives then called for youths across the world to participate in the competition. During the event, 16 young children, some of whom are from Suining County, while others are locally from Nanjing, produced a long scroll of their drawing entitled “Join the YOG, Embrace the Future” and donated it to NYOGOC. A dozen teenagers later danced and sang “Little Calligraphers and Painters”. Following the performance, Jiao Yong, Director of the Culture and Education Department of NYOGOC briefed the audience on the progress in the solicitation of entries for the competition. Hu Ningna, member of the judge panel for the competition also gave a speech on behalf of the panel.

Xu Chuande, Deputy Secretary General of NYOGOC and Municipal Leader of Nanjing, pointed out the organiser should adhere to the concepts of Nanjing 2014, take advantage of Suining’s reputation as the “Hometown of Children’s Drawings”, and draw from the experience of other international drawing competitions to stage a well-planned, well-organised and well-operated competition. He also expressed the hope for the youths across the world to actively participate in the competition, and use their paintbrushes to depict their brilliant future and express their finest wishes.

Towards the end of the event, two student representatives put together an imitation of “Peace Dove”, a children’s drawing on permanent display at the United Nations Headquarters, while leaders and guests present at the ceremony pushed the crystal ball together to launch the Nanjing 2014 International Youth Drawing Competition.

As Nanjing 2014 draws near, the Games will receiver more and more attention. Since the YOG is a gala of exchange, sharing, cooperation and mutual benefits, drawings will serve as an important means of cultural exchange for the Games. The purpose of staging such an international drawing competition is to establish a platform for cultural exchange, where the world’s youths meet and get to know each other. The integration of world cultures is promoted through the Games, and the youths get to savour the appeal of the YOG personally. The Olympic values of “Excellence, Friendship and Respect” would be instilled in them and benefit them for the rest of their lives.

With drawing and painting as the basis of the competition, the event embodies the four pillar concepts and five themes defined by the IOC for Culture and Education Programme of the YOG. They are: “learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together” and “Olympism, Skills development, Well-being and Healthy living, Social Responsibility and Expression”, respectively. Youths are encouraged to participate in the competition to display their creativity. Through the advocacy of living ideals that are harmonious, green, sporty, healthy and happy, the competition also gives youths the chance to depict their expectations and wishes for the Nanjing 2014 using their paintbrushes.

The competition will solicit drawings from youths all over the world. The YOG provides a platform for youth education as well as cultural communication and exchange between the East and the West through drawings. Meanwhile, the competition fully embodies the focal tenets of Nanjing 2014. That is, the growth of and cultural exchange between youths, to better interpret and disseminate the YOG spirit of “widely spreading the Olympic values of ‘Excellence, Friendship and Respect’ for and by the youths”. Thus encouraging them to carry forward the Olympic spirit and realize the Olympic dreams.

The competition is open to submissions from December 2012 to 30 April 2013, and results will be unveiled on 31 May 2013. An award ceremony will be held and the winning entries exhibited in mid-August. Participants of the competition will be divided into two groups: Children’s Group (6-12 year-old) and Teenager Group (13-18 years-old). All entries must be created independently by the children and teenagers and based on the theme of “Join the YOG, Embrace the Future”.

For each group, certificates and prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Awards of Winning (20), Awards of Excellence (30) and Awards of Finalists (200). To encourage youth participation, the competition also offers consolation prizes and certificates to 10% of all participants.

To raise the profile of the competition and gain more submissions from both home and abroad, the organiser has also invited the Committee for Children’s Arts of the China Artists Association, the Fine Art Research Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, and the Artists Association of Jiangsu Province as special support units. While the China Artist Ecological Culture Committee, the International Children’s Art Exchange Center (USA), Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province, the International Cultural Exchanges Center of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House, Children’s Art Magazine Office, and Children’s Art Circles Magazine Office will be the supporting units.

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